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Hall of fame
The beloved mustache

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  • Steve Wozniak

    Steve Wozniak

    Co-founder at Apple Computer.

  • Nolan Bushnell

    Nolan Bushnell

    Founder at Atari.

  • Ash Maurya

    Ash Maurya

    Creator of Lean Canvas.

  • Mikkel Svane

    Mikkel Svane

    CEO Zendesk.

  • Jarek Wilkieciz

    Jarek Wilkieciz

    Developer at Youtube.

  • Katie


    Sales Operations Twitter.

  • Bruce Buffer

    Bruce Buffer

    Octagon announcer for UFC events.

  • Marina Silva

    Marina Silva

    Senator e Brasil's Presidential Candidate.

  • Bel Pesce

    Bel Pesce

    Founder at FazINOVA.

  • Felipe Matos

    Felipe Matos

    Startup Farm e COO Startup Brazil.

  • Team Member

    Team Member

    Developer at Evernote.

  • Renato Santos

    Renato Santos

    Counselor at TV Program O Aprendiz.

  • Brett Nakatsu

    Brett Nakatsu

    Regional Manager at Startup Weekend .

  • Adam


    VP at Up Global / Startup Weekend.

  • Madruga


    TV Program Jô Soares.

  • Bia Anthony

    Bia Anthony

    President at Fundação Fenômeno.

  • Eduardo Suplicy

    Eduardo Suplicy

    Senator at Brazil.

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